Thursday, June 19, 2014


Sometimes I get a little discouraged from blog writing, because I feel that my story isn't really that exciting to tell. It's just our every day life and I live it how I would, even if I weren't documenting it. I do activities with my kids because it's fun and makes us feel good, not because I'm trying to be some super mom. Lord knows I am not one of those. There are a few blog friends who I turn to for inspiration, and the thing I like most about them is that they are real. They write in their "real" voice and they capture their "real" life. That's all I ever wanted to be, was real. I'm reminded that I blog mostly for myself and my kids, to capture the small, fleeting moments that I would otherwise forget.

This week we are in the midst of some serious rain. Patches of sunshine. But mostly rain. And mosquitoes. Good Lord, the mosquitoes. Orelia asked me why God made bugs, and let me just tell you that's a dang good question. It sure would be nice to play on our deck, Heaven forbid our backyard, without coming back inside peppered with welts the size of dimes.

So yesterday, I thought it was supposed to rain and planed an indoor activity for us, and then it turned out to be blazing hot and sunshiney. But whatever. We stuck to plan A.

I usually am a pretty big stickler about no candy in the morning (like say, after breakfast) but the kids thought I was totally awesome for bending my rules for this trip :) I was reminded of this place over the weekend when Nick and I passed by. We've never been and its close to home, so I added it to our summer fun list.

The place really is fun. Lots of candy from my childhood, that I can't believe I actually ate. All I remember is stuck paper and biting wax. Sounds delish.

And these. They're just funny. And super awesome role models for our kids :)

I let Orelia and Milo each pick out ONE thing. They didn't even buck at it. I think they were just so happy that I agreed to buy them candy. They chose carefully however, which surprised me. They would carry something around for a bit, and put it back when they found something they liked better. Orelia carried around a bag of German chocolate for awhile (she's a girl after my own heart) but ultimately settled on a bag of salt water taffy. She reasoned that she wanted something she had never had before, and she wanted the most bang for her buck. Can't argue with that!

Thank goodness I was able to sway Milo away from a gummy snake as tall as himself. In the end he chose a Superman PEZ.

After we made our choices, we sat out in the heat and enjoyed the deliciousness.

And there we were. Just making memories. Another day in the life.


  1. Oh girl I know it may seem uninteresting to you but these are full days.I wish I had all of mine documented from the start. I struggle with blogging sometimes now because I work and what is there to write about.

  2. I love that it's your real life. And it is exciting cause it's your kids! My blogs this week are about blue jeans and pizza so don't let me over excite you with those hot topics... ha ha

  3. I love the beautiful moments in everyday life. The real ones that are so precious as a momma. Documenting the simple moments as well as the big ones will be so fun to look back on later! As a side note: Where is this amazing candy place? Is it in Jordan... I want to say I feel like I have seen it off of 169 before?

  4. That candy store looks amazing! I have the same struggles with blogging too.. We just live our lives.. Some days are mundane with tantrums and lots of cleaning and others are full of fun and adventures but I document it for us to look back on and remember. I know that in years to come even if my children don't want to read about it, I know that I will!

    Have a great weekend!