Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Seeing as we had our first snowfall of the season last night, it only seems appropriate that I finally get around to posting some fall photos. Or better yet, summer. I think it's safe to say that if I threw one thing out the window when I became a mother of three it was my ability to keep up with blogging. Ahh, whom am I kidding? My ability to keep up with anything, more like it. There is always something to be done, someone who needs me, and although I have all the intentions in the world of tackling things like blogging once the kids go to bed, well....I'm tired. So there you have it. Since it's November, the month of thankfulness, maybe I should just be thankful for the posts I have written, and not feel guilty over the growing stack of memories waiting to be documented. I'm going to work hard on blogging this month. I really am. Because when I sit down and look back through this little blog here, I am never sorry that I took the time for it. So forgive me in advance if you happen to see a post from, um, July, thrown in the mix. Mkay?


Focusing on the littlest one here for a minute, look at how big he is already!

He is such a happy and quiet little soul. I love him so much I could just eat him up. Although time is passing quickly, it doesn't make me sad. I know that each stage gets a little bit easier,  lots of learning and discovering is happening, and I'm getting a little more sleep!

He's doing all kinds of crazy cute things, like slugging along everywhere. We've also seen lots of pulling up to his knees (sometimes even to his feet!), rocking on his hands and knees, and popping new teeth left and right (he has 4 to count!)


This little man is named after my grandfather. And although Otto never got to meet him, I catch little glimpses of my Grandpa Joe in him all the time. Grandpa was a quiet man, he didn't say much. But he was always there, dependable and a hard worker. He had blue eyes and dimples to die for. And sometimes I wonder how things like that work out. How we passed on this name for two other kids, like all along it was being saved just for him. But mostly, it makes me grateful to see reminders of loved ones through the eyes of our little ones.

Kids are waking up from naptime, so that's all I can say for today Hope to be back soon(er) than later!



  1. He's precious girl. Love that you named him after your Grandpa. He definitely has his blue eyes and dimples. And don't feel bad for not blogging. Your time is precious.

  2. it IS going so fast, but you're right...its all good. Every stage gets a little easier. He is so adorable. He and Vera have matching dimples :)