Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I went to write this post and saw that I had already started two others. Two which were aborted mid post, mid thought. Presumably interrupted by a crying newborn. Right now my house is quiet(ish), so I shall attempt again.

Adjusting to life with three has been busy. Things that I thought would be hard have turned out to be a breeze, and things that I thought would be easy have turned out to be hard.

Just for fun, lets make a list, shall we?

Easy: Getting three kids bundled up, loaded and unloaded in the van * Getting places on time (I've even been early to a few, gasp!) * Surviving on less sleep

Hard: Keeping my house clean (why do I even bother?) * Nugget and Dude fighting. Non-stop * Showering * Being patient * Grocery shopping * Making meals

I am so grateful to all my fabulous friends and of course, my husband, who have tremendously helped out in the dinner department. Tonight is only the second time in a month that I've had to make a complete meal and that's pretty awesome.

This photo was taken on our first night home from the hospital, and well, it just pretty much sums up the state of my home these days.

But him?

Totally worth every mess, meltdown, and in between moment.

He is doing awesome. He slid right into our family like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, meant to be here all along. The older two are doing amazingly well with him. I thought there would be some bits of jealousy, but they totally love him.

He's a lover, and as long as Mama's holding or nursing him, he's a gem.

He's a pretty predictable baby...eat, poop, sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

He turned a month old this weekend, and its wild to believe that much time has gone by already. My life is crazy and chaotic right now, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not even for a few more hours of sleep.

I hear him starting to stir, so I better wrap this up. I'll leave with you a few precious photos of his first month...

My lil' foxy loxy.

First bath at home.

First car ride. He hates being put in his seat, but the ride always lulls him to sleep.

Lost his cord stump at exactly one week. Tear.


Will we have a thumb sucker?

Holy crap, I have three kids!

Baby loves light.



  1. eek, you make me want to have a 3rd kid! So precious!

  2. They are all beautiful. The photos and the kiddos!

  3. That last photo is beautiful! Love the light. And the b&w one of you and him. I adore his little open mouth! Sounds like you survived the first month with flying colors. It can only get better from here...

  4. We just entered the world of life with three last fall. Your picture from the first night home is perfect. My house still looks like that... (First time on your blog- beautiful kids! Enjoyed your writing. I will be back.)