Sunday, March 3, 2013


He came a week ago today. It's hard to believe he's been with us for eight days already. It feels like I've loved him my whole life.

His name. Otto Joseph. Otto is my Great Grandpa's middle name (Louis Otto Kemp) and I also just learned from my Grandma that both her brothers middle names are Otto, and a few others down the family tree also share the name. Joseph was my Grandpa's name.

So far he doesn't have a nickname. We have Nugget and Doodey, and now this little lover. We call him lots of things, but we're still waiting for the right one to stick.

He weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 15 ounces and 19.5 inches long. My doctor guessed I'd deliver a 7 pound baby. I knew he'd be wrong. I knew this baby would be big, but I was a little shocked at just how big. But he's hearty and I like that. My babies have come a pound heavier and a half inch shorter each time. Ha. Chubby babies are awesome.

Our hospital stay was lovely and quiet. I want to go back. But we're home and doing well. The family has been in an adjustment period this week. It has been up and down. I'm hoping we'll find an even ground soon.

My labor is a story all its own. One he wrote for me. I'm amazed at how three different babies have entered my world in three completely different ways. Each one wanting to make their mark, set their own destiny.

I will share his birth story soon. I have some absolutley gorgeous photos to share along with it, and once those are ready i'll tell his story too.

In the meantime, we're loving up this little man. He's a very chill little guy. Eats and sleeps right through all the noise of big sister and brother. He's gonna love them. They adore him.

We're all in love.



  1. oooooh amy!! i'm so happy for you! can't believe he's here!! can't believe we'll be mama's again "together." he's precious.

  2. Can't wait to meet him! What a big, healthy boy :)

  3. Congratulations! He's absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy him for all he's worth!

  4. Oh, goodness ... what an adorable baby boy. The tiny boots just grab your heart, don't they?

  5. He's so precious. So happy for you guys. Can't wait to read his birth story.

  6. So happy for instagram to be able to see pictures of his cute little face often! I didn't know his middle name was Joseph... That's Henry's middle name too. Also after his grandpa and great grandpa. Don't you just love the meaning behind family names? SO looking forward to seeing those georgeous photos!

  7. So happy for you! He's precious...can't wait to read his birth story!!