Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Can you believe Christmas is in 5 days? At least that's what Nugget informed me tonight after counting the mittens left on her advent calendar. I'm ready. Are you? Well, I do have to mail one last package tomorrow and pick up a gift card for our mail man, but other than that, we're good to go.

As I sit here and write this, I can only think of all the things about the holiday season I want to blog but haven't done so yet. Going to the Parade of Lights, cutting down our Christmas tree, and just general goodness that we've been up to. But I'll start with the present, and work my way backwards as time permits. I hope.


If your children are giddy over the holiday season, give them some self adhesive googly eyes. It will only make them sillier.

This weekend we got to check off one of my favorite holiday traditions with our little family, going to visit Santa Land: A Day in the Life of an Elf at the downtown Macy's. It's pure magic for littles.

The Elves sleeping quarters

Elf School

Reindeer Stable

The Sweets Shop, surely where I would work if I was an elf :)

The candy cane machine

This girl is getting harder and harder to take pictures of...

And these two are just so studly in their matching hats.

And the last of my holiday cheer for now...Nugget had her holiday concert at preschool yesterday. Nick and I were both excited to see this "performance" that she's been talking about for weeks. We've heard the songs and caught a few of the actions at home, and I had my fingers crossed that she would follow through with it at school, because Sister can get funky like that.

She was all smiles to see me at first, then almost instantly started to cry and ran over to me. I felt awful, and was so disappointed that she wasn't going to let her little self shine! But after watching her friends perform the first song, she was ready to rejoin her group.

Naturally, there was a little hesitation, but it didn't last long before Sister was bopping her feet to the beat.

It warmed my heart to see. I love her preschool. I love that she loves her preschool.

And Dude, well, he loves that he's included in snack time when we visit :)

And that's all she wrote for this edition of Holiday Cheer. Wishing you a splendid and stress free week before Christmas!


  1. Little Chick used to do that. She'd run to me and hug me in a death grip and tear up. Kinda sad she doesn't do that any more;) We never saw Santa Land at Macy's. Always meant too... Did see the parade once though. It was freezing! We watched it in a skyway.

  2. Haha I read this first at 5:30 am and that first photo scared the crap outta me. Looks like they had fun!

  3. The photo of Orelia that is-showed up first on my flipboard.