Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My oldest girl is 7. SEVEN. I'm not sure how that happened, but it's actually okay. Seven means she's able to do most things for herself, and even help me out with her siblings and around the house. Seven means she can read me bedtime stories. Seven means she can make her own breakfast and put away her own laundry. Seven means she still thinks I'm cool and wants to be around me. Seven is pretty awesome, if you ask me.

I am so grateful for her summer birthday, because summer = outside! I much prefer to host a party outdoors than in our small home. Less cleaning, less mess. And fresh air and sunshine are just good for the soul.

She was torn between a Barbie party and an ice cream party this year, and since Nick and I are pretty anti-character themed parties, we nudged her towards the later. I kept it pretty low key because 1) I have a baby, 2) I have four kids to keep up with, and 3) I'm learning that a party is a party no matter how fancy or simple it is. We did just enough to make it fun and special, but not so much as to push me over the edge while juggling my full plate. I also had the brilliant idea to have Alma baptized at church that morning, so we could couple the two celebrations together, and it actually worked out great.

Orelia helped me with all the party prep and decorations this year, which was fun! Usually I want to do it all myself so everything is just right, but I've been embracing the "perfectly imperfect" motto and its actually been a breath of fresh air. I'd much rather be creating with my girl than shooing her away so I can do it myself. It is a day to celebrate her, after all.

Probably mine and Nick's best parenting idea EVER was to hire and surprise Orelia and our guests with an ice cream truck! A clean, legit, trustworthy one, not the rusty, creepy, questionable sort of one. It's a sad day in age, but I think it was my kids' first time ever having this expereince! It was so fun for all. And the best part?  We did this in place of serving cake and ice cream!

She got to call the shots the next day, which was her actual birthday. It consisted of a trip to the park, her pre school assessment and meeting her new teacher, presents, and of course ice cream. Always ice cream.

Cheers to number seven!

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