Tuesday, July 8, 2014


 We've been working hard on checking off our summer fun list.

And although it's so fun to go seek new adventures, sometimes it's also nice to lay low and stay close to home. After the busy holiday weekend, we needed just that.

This spring, Nana sent us a super cool popsicle maker, that freezes the pops in just minutes. Perfect for impatient little ones with hungry bellies :)

They were pretty tasty, but melted a bit faster than the kids could eat. Hence the nakedness. Plus it was hot out! They asked for me to fill the pool so they could rinse off and cool down ...but a storm was rolling in so we went with this plan instead. Kept 'em busy for quite awhile! (Really, please don't mind the nakedness.)

It's such fun to find the joy in simple pleasures. We're loving these summer days.

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