Friday, May 16, 2014


This is the day that dreams are made of. This is the day that we held hands, took a huge leap of faith, and made our lifetime dream a reality. Today is the day we bought a farm!

We've been looking and dreaming, long and hard. Years of searching for just the right one. We knew exactly what we wanted, and what we didn't. So when this one came up, we went forward without hesitation. We've kept this little secret from the majority of you, because there are always the "what ifs". But we have closed on the property and its officially ours.

Our country life begins now, and we cannot wait!


  1. Oh my word. That is hands down one of my families biggest dreams as well. We LIVE and BREATH the desire for country living. SO happy for you. Your place is charming!

  2. This is just seriously the best news! I am SO excited for your family and SOO excited to see your new farm soon!!!!

  3. How exciting!! I would love to own a little farm house!!